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Why choose Asia Consult Corporation

Professional pre-sales consulting services

Optimize technology and business solutions based on understanding the customer's investment position.

We have offices in Shanghai and Switzerland, China, and we have common equipment spare parts in Shanghai.

In the past ten years, we have worked hard to develop and cooperate with us and have accumulated rich customer resources.


Professional work team

Focus on high-end needs of customers in specific industries

Joint upstream and downstream suppliers to provide customers with one-stop, integrated solutions and localized supporting services

We have established a high-quality work team in sales, technical services, project management and after-sales service.

We have offices in Shanghai and Switzerland and have typical spare parts in Shanghai.


Fast and effective

Specialized person responsible for order and spare parts ordering service

We organize partners to participate in various exhibitions of the year to learn about new trends in the industry and learn new technologies in the industry.

We regularly display products with foreign suppliers to serve our customers and increase product awareness.

We regularly visit our customers to understand the substantive needs of our customers and provide customized solutions.


Product quality, layer control

Let you spend the least amount of money to achieve the best results

Experienced and professional after-sales service engineers, smoothly guarantee the implementation, installation, commissioning and acceptance of the project

You can tailor the product according to the actual situation on your site to provide you with the best solution.

Complete sets and turnkey equipment for the precision CNC tool industry, aviation and gas turbine blade manufacturing, motor industry and other industries


Buy once for life without worry

How to solve your worries?

Regular spare parts are stocked in the country, minimizing equipment downtime

Regularly visit customers with foreign manufacturers to understand the latest needs

Customer satisfaction is our pursuit, our team welcomes your patronage and consultation.

5 major competitive advantages

It is a scientific and rigorous guarantee for every product

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Asia Consult Corporation

Focus on meeting the high-end needs of specific industry customers

Asia Consult Corporation specialize in supplying Swiss and European high-end CNC equipment to the needs of our customers in specific industries, such as for the precision CNC tooling industry providing coatings, wet blasting, vacuum cleaning, automated robots and inspection equipment; for aerospace and gas turbine blade manufacturing, providing aluminizing coatings, sandblasting, cleaning, testing equipment,;for general components industry providing cleaning and belt-type heat treatment furnaces.  In these industries, we work closely with many of the world's top equipment manufacturers to be responsible for the sales and after-sales services of these equipment in the Chinese market.  

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Bring more and more professional European equipment and solutions to China's high-end manufacturing industry;
To provide European small and medium-sized equipment manufacturers with high-end customer needs in China, to develop and manufacture cost-effective equipment that suits their needs.

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